Hi, we’re BUF Girls Bayswater!

We help busy women SAY YES to living a Beautiful, Unstoppable and Fearless (aka. BUF) life!

We PROVIDE a balanced timetable of fitness classes; friendly childminding serviceempowering education; fun social events; and convenient  follow along at home workouts.

We LOVE designing workouts that will boost your mood, not drain it; motivate you, not bore you; give you a great full body workout; help you maintain a healthy balance; and promote sustainable exercise habits.

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Nervous about starting? You’re not alone! 

The most common concern we hear from women wanting to join (but feeling nervous about doing so) is “I’m really unfit! Am I going to be able to keep up?” If this sounds like you, check out my three tips to getting started, and our beginner friendly kickstarter program!

Curious to know more about us and our philosophy to health and fitness? I explain a little more on our about page.

Interested in what BUF has to offer, but still feeling nervous about starting? Give me (Renee) a call on 0411861701 – I’d love to chat some more 🙂