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BUF Girls are super passionate about helping woman of all ages fall in love with fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. We:

  • Design fun high energy workouts for women.
  • Change our sessions fortnightly so you get plenty of variety.
  • Have small class sizes to ensure you get greater individual attention.
  • Love getting active outdoors in the fresh air but also utilise an indoor training space. 
  • Offer classes with childminders for our BUF Mummas! 
  • Create a safe and non-intimidating space for women to workout
  • Provide active social events and educational programs that inform, inspire, challenge, motivate and celebrate our community
  • Promote an enjoyable, realistic and sustainable approach to health and fitness (no fad diets or transformation challenges here!)
  • Offer private group training for sporting teams and workplaces


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  • BEAUTIFUL: A 45min fusion of pilates, yoga and moderate intensity cardio designed that will leave you feeling beautiful.
  • UNSTOPPABLE: 30mins of moderate to high intensity cardio designed to leave you feeling unstoppable! 
  • FEARLESS: 45mins of strength training with a burst of cardio at the end to leave you feeling Fearless.
  • SIGNATURE: This 45min session includes a (B)eautiful strength circuit. (U)nstoppable cardio circuit, and (F)earless finisher.
  • CIRCUITS: A 45min full-body workout that blends cardio, strength and interval training.
  • BOXING: 45-60mins of mod-high intensity boxing combos, cardio intervals and strength exercises with a strong focus on teaching correct boxing technique. Three of our weekly boxing sessions are mixed gender (hellloooo date night!). 

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We meet at the Bayswater Sports Clubrooms on UPPER HILLCREST RESERVE which is the building located next to the children’s playground. Plenty of free parking on Coode Street.

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Month Classes_Prices

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After the intro offer you have two options: go on a monthly membership or purchase casual passes as you need.

If you need advice on what to purchase please get in touch. I’m here to help!

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  1. FUN & FRIENDSHIP: Being a BUF Girl isn’t about competition, body image or comparison. It’s about friendship and community. It’s about healthy bodies AND healthy minds. We love making fitness fun and interesting and love designing workouts and social events that our Girls will look forward to. We want movement to become something that you not only want to do, but, cant wait to do because we truly believe that learning to love health and fitness is the best way to create lasting change!
  2. LOTS OF VARIETY: Women’s bodies respond really well to variety which means that cranking out the same one-hour, super intense workout every day might not actually get you the results you’re after! At BUF, our timetable is designed to give you lots of variety whilst maintaining a good balance of cardio, strength and toning. We also mix up our workout structures (movements and timings) fortnightly to keep your body guessing and results progressing.
  3. ATTENTION & ALTERNATIVES: We understand lots of women feel intimidated, lost, or even a little scared of gyms or big group workouts. We keep our class sizes small so you get lots more individual attention, and we can offer you exercise alternatives that better suit your fitness level and ability.
  4. CHILDMINDING SERVICE: At BUF we offer classes with childminders for our BUF Mums. These sessions are designed to give you a great workout with a beautiful, supportive community of like-minded Mums in a non-intimidating environment. Whats even better, we have childminders to watch your little ones while you do it. Our intro offers are designed to give BUF Mums time to settle their BUF Babes into this service. Some children take to it quicker than others. Some are happy being away from (but still able to see) Mum. Other children like to stay nearby. We work with our Mums to make it work – because we understand each child, and Mum, is different.
  5. POSITIVE MISSION & VALUES: As we’ve already mentioned, BUF is about healthy bodies, healthy minds, friendship and community. It’s a shift away from dieting and body transformations, and a shift towards eating well and moving often. We want to help women fall in LOVE with how health and fitness makes them FEEL – happy, alert, calm, centred, strong, beautiful, unstoppable and fearless!  
  6. REAL & APPROACHABLE TRAINERS: Personally, we’re not perfect and we don’t pretend to be. We aim to be realistic and consistent all year round, not just in Summer. We enjoy moving our bodies and eating well cause it makes us feel energised, capable and strong. We listen to our bodies and rest when we need. We find joy in our own health journey rather than comparing ourselves to others. We say yes to active adventures…. and the occasional piece of chocolate and glass of wine. We achieve some of our goals, and fail at others. We’re all for simplifying health and fitness so you can fit it more seamlessly (and joyfully) into your life!​​​​




  1. TOTALLY BUF 6 WEEK EDUCATION PROGRAM: Totally BUF offers training, nutrition, mindset, accountability and focuses on making healthy changes that are sustainable for life! Each week we introduce small healthy changes that build on the week before. We don’t count calories, use strict menu plans, or deprive you of the foods you love. We educate you on how to consistently choose foods that contain Beautiful nutrients, Unstoppable energy and Fearless flavour!
  2. TOUGH BUF TEAM TRAINING: A fun and fierce sport specific workout that compliments your teams training. The perfect way to shake off those ‘off-season cobwebs’ or introduce a little variety or team bonding to your training schedule. Tough BUF Team workouts typically include a combination of sport specific strength, flexibility, cardio and plyometric movements aimed at increasing athletic performance. We also add in some friendly competition and team bonding via individual and group challenges. Email us for more info!
  3. WORKPLACE WELLNESS: We believe getting active and having fun with colleagues can be a great stress relief, the perfect brain break, an awesome team bonding experience and, contribute to a happier healthier workplace. Break up your Professional Development day with an active brain break, or, book a block of weekly lunchtime workouts for you and your colleagues! Email us for more info!




Our $22 intro offer is available all year round and gets you 2 weeks unlimited access to our group training and babysitting service. This intro offer is designed for the girl looking to give BUF Bayswater a try. 




Contact us to chat further 


BUF Girls was founded in 2007 by Libby Babet from Bondi NSW. BUF Girls Bayswater is a licensee of the BUF Girls brand and was opened by Renee Cabassi in September 2017.

Renee is a Mother of one, FIFO wife, fitness instructor, and High School Physical and Health Education Teacher. She started her Health and Fitness career back in 2004 after graduating from UWA with a Bachelor of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science. Since then Renee has worked with a variety of people in a variety of settings – from mine sites to high schools, youth charities to sporting clubs. Renee is passionate about educating and empowering others to enjoy health and fitness! She believes simplicity is key, listening to your body is crucial, positive relationships are essential, and learning to love health and fitness is the best way to create lasting change. The thing she loves hearing most from her clients is how health and fitness has helped them to feel better…. stronger, fitter, energised, focused, confident, capable, unstoppable, fearless!

BUF Bayswater Trainers

Meet the BUF Bayswater TEAM:

💪🏼 Muscle maker Amanda is our resident PT and strength training lover.
🧘🏼‍♀️ Zen master Alicia is our resident yogi who soothes us all whilst burning our booty.
🥊 Karate kid Renee loves to kick a little butt with boxing.
🔥 Cardio queen Eve eats burpees for breakfast and runs up mountains for morning tea.

By our powers combined we are one Totally BUF Training Team passionate about helping you fall in love with fitness.