Fitness that makes you feel Beautiful, Unstoppable and Fearless, aka BUF!

We get it. Gyms can be intimidating, fitness can seem daunting, workouts can get boring on your own, we’re all busy as hell, and maintaining that elusive ‘balanced lifestyle’ often seems difficult. 

That’s why BUF Girls Bayswater is on a mission to help women of all ages fall in love with fitness….

….because we believe fitness should be something you look forward to, something you enjoy, and something that allows you to be flexible with your intensity and experience!  We don’t believe fitness should be all about ‘results’, or punishing yourself for bad nutrition choices, or ‘earning’ your treats.

Health and fitness should be about making BEAUTIFUL connections within a positive community, an UNSTOPPABLE body through the right kind of movement and nutrition, and a FEARLESS mindset by learning new things and embracing new challenges.

What we love about BUF (and know you will too):

  • Fun and functional classes that offer a balance of movement types and intensities (Check out our timetable)
  • Small class sizes to ensure you get greater individual attention (We teach you how to safely do moves, how to regress moves, AND how to progress moves so you can get what YOUR need from our workouts)
  • Sessions changed fortnightly so you get plenty of variety.
  • Getting active outdoors in the fresh air (but we use an indoor training space too, especially in winter!).
  • Childminders for our BUF Mummas (Check out our timetable)
  • The safe, inclusive and non-intimidating space we’ve created for women of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.
  • Our flexible and affordable prices & packages
  • The enjoyable, realistic, balanced and sustainable approach to health and fitness we promote and practice. You won’t see fad diets or transformation challenges here! You will see a balanced timetable, empowering educational Programs and active social events.

Get started with a one-on-one consult and two weeks unlimited access for just $25.