Learn to rest not to quit

Tis the season to learn to rest

Learn to rest not to quit

Tis the season to learn to rest…. NOT quit!

During this busy and social time of year comes the tendency for routine and consistency to go out the window. Usually caused by our weekends filling up with catch ups, work functions, Christmas shopping and more.

Not sure about you, but these back to back busy weekends, often leave me feeling pretty tired come Sunday evening. And when you feel tired on Sunday evening, you know its gonna be a long week ahead right?

This tired feeling often leads me us choose ‘rest’.

And thats totally ok!

Rest is not a bad thing.

“If you get tired. Learn to rest. Not quit”

Taking a rest doesn’t mean ‘stopping’ everything or ‘doing nothing’, or ‘quitting’ for now and starting again in the new year.

For me, resting might mean backing off on my workout intensity (ie. choosing lighter weights or opting for low impact cardio options), or, swapping a high intensity workout for something less intense (like a long walk at the park, a swim at the pool or a restorative Yoga session). 

Resting requires me to be mindful of what I’ve got ahead, and, plan accordingly:

  • Be mindful of that Christmas work function I have on Friday afternoon. Back off on my Saturday Circuit workout.
  • Be mindful of that Christmas lunch I’m heading to on Sunday. Swap my Monday hiit workout for a gentle walk in the park.
  • Be mindful that I’m heading away to spend some quality time with family over the Christmas break. Plan to get three 5minute workouts in rather three 45minute workouts.

Something else to keep in mind is that because our training tends to be a little inconsistent and sporadic at this time of year, its not such a great idea to try and ‘go as hard as you normally would’ (or harder) when you DO get to workout! This can only tire you out even more, and increase injury risk.

With a little bit of mindfulness, knowledge and planning you can ‘come back’ after Christmas in a good place. We CAN change what we’re doing a little bit so we stay on track and keep moving forward.

It may not be ‘your ideal’.

But thats Christmas!

And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t change Christmas for the world!

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