Festive season health tips

Nobody panic…. Christmas is here again!

Festive season health tips

Here it is again.
Christmas is nigh.
The end of the year looming.
A whole New Year following close behind.

All of this happens every single year.
At the exact same time.
Yet we still manage to freak out by its sudden arrival.

Yes, there is planning, buying, wrapping, cooking, creating and consuming to be done.

But nobody panic.

1.) MODERATION IS KEY It’s easy for some negative self talk to creep in over the holidays as our usual eating and movement habits tend to get interrupted. We’re consuming more but moving less and as a result, we’re left feeling pretty average. Remember, the holiday season is meant to be filled with JOY, so don’t let negative self talk take away from this. Don’t eat the entire cheese wheel just because you already had 1/3 of it. Don’t stop all exercise until New Years just because you missed a couple of your usual weekly workouts. Don’t use exercise as punishment for what you have eaten, or plan to eat. Instead, eat a little light something before heading along to parties to avoid rocking up ‘hungry’, space your food/drinks with a glass a water, go for walks after big meals to aid digestion, eat slowly so your body has a chance to recognise when its full, plan a couple of ‘active dates’ with friends rather than always catching up over food, and look for fun ways to increase your daily activity if you’re struggling to find the time or energy to do a full on workout (ie. beach walks, backyard cricket or park plays with the kids).

2.) LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND MIND It can be harder to hear what your mind and body is telling you over all those Christmas Carols being blasted about the place so try and check in with yourself each morning for just a few minutes before you do anything else (like check you phone or prepare the kids lunches). Ask yourself what you need for you today. Do you need to call a friend or a family member? Do you need to go for a walk at lunch time? Do you need to read a book for 10 minutes? What do you need, for you? Take a little bit of time to listen to your mind and body in the morning before letting the festive season overwhelm you.

3.) MAKE SELF CARE EASIER When things feel like they’re a little out of control it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. But these are the times you probably need it most, so take action to make taking care of yourself that little bit easier! Purchase pre-chopped or frozen veggies for ease of meal preparation, join an exercise group that offers a creche or babysitting service, read a book to ensure a more restful sleep and seek help from your support networks.

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