Achieve fitness goals

These 4 self-limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your health and fitness goals

Achieve fitness goals

Starting, or re-starting, a fitness program is tough for anyone, so you don’t need to make it harder for yourself than it already is with self-sabotaging thoughts. Here are 4 of the most common, self-limiting beliefs we hear and a few tips you can use to combat them. As the saying goes, “your body wont go where your mind wont push it“.  Hence, to achieve your fitness goals, you need to start in the right mindset.


Thought #1 – “I don’t have time to exercise”

Health and fitness should fit into your life seamlessly but for this to work you need to be aiming to create a movement routine around your lifestyle, not the other way around! So rather than forcing yourself to commit to exercise you think you “should” do, try building a movement regime around your lifestyle so you ‘want’ to do it. If you say ‘yes’ to a fitness regime you know deep down is not sustainable its only going to lead you to later saying “I give up”. For example, if you’re young and single with a flexible job, hitting the gym for an hour every day on your way home from work may be possible. But if you’re working part time whilst starting a business, have a partner and a few kids, well, that hour is probably not sustainable for you. Could you benefit from introducing multiple 5min workouts into your week, or saying yes to adventure on your weekends, or parking further away so you get some extra steps into your day, or investing in a workout program you can do from home?

Hot Tip! In my opinion, time saving fitness like the 5 minute workout or at home workout programs should be treated as a compliment to a fitness routine that gets your out of your house and connecting with like-minded people in the real world. Connection and community are really important for our health and wellbeing, and, has a massive impact on our motivation! 

Thought #2 – “I’ll get fit when….”

We’ll admit, starting a fitness program can seem intimidating. But waiting for that ‘perfect’ day to start means you’ll end up putting it off for a very long time.  Most of the time when you find yourself putting off your start date, or skipping out on ‘exercise’ it’s because you’re telling yourself you “should exercise”, or you need to ‘make time’ for it, not that you “want to move”, or ‘it’s a priority’. Next time you catch yourself thinking, “I should exercise but…” try saying “I want to move because…” instead. It’s a powerful way to challenge your mindset and get yourself in the mood!

Thought #3 – “I’m not fit enough to join a group class”

As gyms and group classes have become trendier, there’s an assumption you have to already be fit to walk through the door! This is definitely far from the truth – trainers see people of all fitness levels and body sizes, every single day, and one of our favourite clients to work with are those who don’t have a high level of fitness, but are ready to create seriously big shifts in a healthier direction! It’s our job to help you get fit and feel great, all you have to do is show up.

Thought #4 – “I don’t know how to do any of the moves”

Being scared to venture away from what’s comfortable is totally natural, but it’s not really helpful. The quote, “life begins outside your comfort zone” says it all. We have got your back when you walk in that door! You wouldn’t expect to know how to read and write on your first day of school, but give it a few years and you’re off and racing! Fitness is the same, so approach your fitness goals with an expansion mentality and just begin at the very beginning.


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