May Metime Reflections

#MayMeTime Reflections

For the month of May I set a challenge to the BUF Bayswater community to focus a little more on Self Care, or Me Time.
Not something I expected anyone to be able to ‘master’ in a month. To be honest, it’s something I think we might master for a bit, here and there, and then other times we need a reminder to ‘do a little better’ for ourselves.

There are definitely times I feel I’ve got ‘a good balance’ happening, and then there are other times I feel so ‘unbalanced’ it’s ridiculous. 

For example, and this is a pretty light example, but there are definitely times I’m happily doing three to four workouts a week and getting my 2L of water in everyday…. And then theres times I go a whole week without a workout  and a couple of days without a full glass of water (thats not coffee flavoured).

Now thats a real simple example of self care – theres obviously a whole heap of other things that need our time and attention. Relationships, nutrition, sleep, stress management …. etc etc

The May challenge was never about achieving self care perfection. 

It was about empowering our community with some knowledge, and encouraging our girls to take regular action.

So…. how’d you go with the challenge?

If your response is “Self care sounds lovely but I literally didn’t have time for it this past month”…. then I highly recommend you read the FOUR TRUTHS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR SELF CARE article.  In a nutshell:
  • It’s absolutely vital to your health and happiness
  • It’s about you BUT also impacts on more than ‘just’ you (ie. your home life, work life, social life etc).
  • It does NOT need to be time consuming or expensive
  • It’s not always easy or glamorous (even though thats what Social Media kind of makes it out to be)
  • It’s not about perfection. But it is about being consistent. So having a consistently proactive approach can work in our favour.

If your response is “Yeah I did ok but I still feel like I’m struggling to achieve a healthy balance with it all”….. then I highly recommend you read the FOUR TIPS TO HELP YOU GET REAL ABOUT YOUR SELF CARE article. In a nutshell:

  • Feeling like you’re achieving this illusive ‘healthy balance’ ALL of the time is impossible (in my opinion).
  • Like I said above, health isn’t about achieving perfection. It’s about being consistent.
  • There are definitely some things you can do to help yourself to be more consistent with self care including:
    • Learning to listen to your body
    • Scheduling it into your diary
    • Surrounding yourself with support
    • Remembering your why

Personally, I took a few new actions this past month. I actually had to make a few changes – because what was working for me in Summer say, was no longer working for me. And I really started to notice this last month. Things have changed – the weather has changed, my work commitments have changed, and my toddler has changed.

Lots of things have changed, so I needed to change my approach, my mindset and my routine.

I definitely feel I lost that ‘balance’ last month, but also feel like these few changes have helped bring the balance back…. for now.

So for me, self care this last month involved:

  • Spending some time out in nature at our Sunset Pilates Hike with Off The Beaten Track WA. Sen-bloody-sational.
  • Starting a bit of journal that tracks some health habits (workouts, water intake etc), symptoms (sleep patters, skin breakouts etc) and how I’m generally feeling (positive and negative).
  • Visiting my Dr for a general check up and to keep on top of a few reoccurring symptoms
  • Getting a bit creative with my weekly workout routine and got a little more deliberate about scheduling these workouts into my weeks.
  • Making more of an effort to swap ‘scrolling’ for reading – especially before bed.
  • Finishing the month with a super fun girls night out.

So yeah.

That’s May done and dusted!

It’s kinda nice to stop and reflect, ever so briefly.

Here’s to a cracker of a Winter hey girls?!

See you out there.

R xx

Off The Beaten Track WA Sunset Pilates Hike
Sunset Pilates Hike || PHOTO CURTESY OF Off The Beaten Track WA

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