Workouts to match your mood

Workouts To Match Your Mood

Have you ever done a kick-butt boxing session to release a little frustration? Or completed a really fulfilling workout because you felt happy? Or headed out for a candlelit Yin Yoga session after a huge exhausting week? Listening to our body and matching our workouts to our mood can be super beneficial!

This ‘mood matching’ approach might sound odd…. because A LOT of what we see and hear out there in the fitness space sounds more like:
‘No pain no gain’
‘Go hard or go home’
‘Sore today, strong tomorrow’

Sure, quotes like these might have their place….. But how we talk about fitness matters. And if we’re always talking (or hearing) about fitness in this light I think we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice.

Exercise can be whatever you need it to.

Sometimes we need need exercise to be easy, gentle, flowing, releasing, relaxing. Sometimes we need exercise to challenge us, push us, and develop us. And sometimes, we need exercise that will ease aching muscles or help release happy hormones.

Here’s three at home workouts that are based on classes from our timetable and are designed to match your mood!



Take your time. There’s no rush. Take big deep belly breathes and focus on relaxing your body. Let go of the tension in your shoulders (ie. shoulders back and down, not hunched) ensure your weight is spread evenly in your feet (ie. don’t aggressively grip your toes into the mat), keep your knees soft and movements light.

Take as long as you need in the warm up and do each move for as long, or as little as you like. Let go of what ever is taking up space in your head and relax into the music and the moves.

PS. This workout is based on our BEAUTIFUL classes.


This workout is not designed to drain your energy, its designed to BOOST your energy. Take out the jumps and opt for shallow (rather than deep) moves if you need. Keep your movements controlled and comfortable. Make the moves work for you. Keep your posture on point and focus on your breathing (aim for even breathes rather than short and fast).

Start by taking 5 deep breathes. Then move into a full body warm up. Get the oxygen flowing a little before busting into the workout.

Do each move for 30seconds, rest for 15seconds. Complete the entire set of exercises two or three times depending on your energy levels.

PS. This workout is based on our ENERGY classes.


This workout is designed to challenge you and your focus. The pulses and holds will be a little uncomfortable (but should NOT be painful!) so you’ll need to focus on good posture and even breathing.

Start by taking 5 deep breathes. Then do a full body warm up to get the oxygen flowing a little first.

Complete each set of moves 2-3 times in a row with minimal rest between. Then have a quick rest and posture reset before moving to the next set of moves. Complete the entire workout 2-3 times.

You got this!

PS. This workout is based on our STRONG class.

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