Need To Get Your Fitness Back On Track? Try This Instead.

Ever felt like the day you get back from holidays, or the day after a big weekend is the day you need to get your health and fitness “back on track”?

Whether you’ve been away for a holiday, or a busy weekend that involved more social commitments than usual…. the ‘day after’, is often a day people feel a need to “jump back into things” or, to “start over.”

I call BS to that.

To be honest, at times when I have been away for a few days (or a few weeks), or I’ve had an upset to my usual eating/exercising routine (like these past couple of weeks!!), I never think “I’m starting over” when I get back.

Life doesn’t work that way. We aren’t wiping the slate clean. We aren’t “erasing” what we did and starting from scratch. And we don’t need to either. Because we are LIVING and living means enjoying life.

I don’t see missed workouts or multiple festive dinners in one weekend as something bad. But, I do acknowledge these things, and work WITH them rather than against them.

Too often people hold themselves back by thinking they need to start over. That they were off track, or they somehow “ruined” things. Think about how much less stressful it would be if you DIDN’T judge yourself, or DIDN’T feel guilty.

Life’s too short for that kind of thinking right?

So instead of feeling guilty or like you need to “get back on track” and “start over,” after a holiday or social committment filled weekend, heres what I suggest you try instead:

1. Learn to rest, not to quit

Don’t think of it as ‘stopping’ everything or ‘doing nothing’, or ‘quitting’ for now and starting again after your holiday… think of it as taking a rest. Understand that the more INACTIVE you are, the harder it is for your body to feel healthy and for YOU to feel happy. This is why you might start to feel a little bit ‘blah’ after a few days of doing nothing (or less than usual). Having said this, you won’t see me busting out my usual weekly exercise routine whilst ON holidays. Giving myself some rest, relaxation and down time is necessary and taking a break from my regular routine is soooooo important. But, my body wants to move, needs to move, loves to move! And thats why, even when I’m on holidays, I aim to do something active every day.

2. Ease back into it

Don’t think of it as ‘getting back into it’, think of it as ‘easing back into it’ (**New Mumma’s in particular need to ease back into movement!**) So don’t try and start exactly where you left off weeks/months ago, or, ‘return with a vengeance’ (ie. set an unrealistic goal of exercising MORE or HARDER than you did before you ‘went away’).  This can increase your risk of injury and your post workout soreness. A little post-workout soreness is inevitable, but you don’t want to feel so sore that’ll it’ll put you off.

  • Aim for the same (or a slightly less) workout frequency (ie. times you exercise per week)
  • Decrease your workout intensity (ie. Use lighter weights for strength training and go at a slower pace for cardio)
  • Put a little more time into your warm up and cool down.
  • Add some active recovery in the day after you workout (ie. Try foam rolling, gentle yoga or taking a walk)

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