Hi, I’m Renee. Mother of one, FIFO wife, Health and Phys Ed Teacher, Tech integrator, good food lover, loud laugher and slightly competitive netballer.

I’m all about educating and empowering others to enjoy health and fitness.

In a fun and realistic way though… not a “I-only-eat-clean-whole-foods-and-must-have-my-almonds-activated” kinda way. I think there is just a bit too much BS out there when it comes to health and fitness so I’m trying my darnedest to keep things simple, inclusive and fun!

For me, simplicity is key (cause ain’t nobody got time for complicated BS), listening to your body is crucial (like listening to those signals that tell you to decrease your exercise intensity, drink more water, or take a nap!), positive relationships are essential (cause yes, you do need to get outta ya house, off ya phone and connect with people in the reeaaalll world!), and learning to love health and fitness is the new black!

The thing I love hearing most from BUF Girls is how health and fitness has helped them to FEEL better…. stronger, fitter, energised, focused, confident, capable, unstoppable, fearless. I wanna help you feel those awesome feels!

I have 16 years education and experience working in health and fitness and hold a Bachelor of Exercise and Rehabilitation Science, a Grad Dip in Health And Physical Education Teaching and a Masters in Corny Jokes.

But it’s not all about me!

I have a totally BUF team of inspirational women by my (and your) side!

Let me introduce you to our trainers.