BUF Girls Bayswater moved to Say Yes Fitness

From BUF Girls Bayswater to Say Yes Fitness

For almost three years, I proudly flew the @bufgirls flag on the ‘west side’. It all began back in 2015 when hubby and I headed on a holiday to Bondi – the home of the BUF Girls. It was there I fell in love the brand, the business and everything they stood for! I knew I needed to bring BUF west side ASAP.

Buuuut we fell pregnant in 2015, and welcomed a baby bear to world in 2016, so it wasn’t until 2017 that we brought BUF Girls Bayswater to life!

Since then we’ve had over 300 beautiful women workout with us; entertained over 100 babes in our babysitting zone; created over 50 at home workout videos; hosted 12 events for women in our community; run pre-season bootcamps for over 100 netballers; and donated over $1500 in fitness classes (+ babysitting services) to community groups.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity and experience BUF Girls has given me and our community of women over the years. I’m now feeling ready and raring to continue helping women SAY YES to more what they love in life

I love helping busy women SAY YES to more of what they love in life!

I know many women have big dreams to chase, tall mountains to climb and/or active kids (or grandkids) to keep up with. And I know this kinda life demands energy, stamina and strength!

I also know many women juggle multiple roles and tend to put their own health and fitness on the backburner. And I know many women struggle to find that safe and inclusive place they can make a start, move at their own pace, and not feel intimidated. 

All of this, led me here…. to creating a style of movement and inclusive community that helps more women SAY YES to their own health and fitness more often!