Class Descriptors

BUF Girls Bayswater, 94 Coode Street Bayswater

We love making fitness fun and designing classes that our Girls will look forward to. We program plenty of variety whilst maintaining a good balance of movement types and intensities. You can choose from a selection of 30, 45 and 60minute classes including: 

  • Beautiful full body strength and toning
  • Unstoppable cardio 
  • Fearless functional strength
  • Full body circuits
  • Confidence building boxing 
  • Stress relieving yoga (via a collaboration with Heart In Yoga
  • Refreshing pilates (via a collaboration with Guided Heart Movement)

We understand lots of women feel intimidated, lost, or even a little scared of group workouts so we design our classes to allow people to go at their own pace. 

We also understand lots of Mums find it challenging to juggle everything and everyone else and never have time to take care of themselves, so we off a childminding service!

Get started with a one-on-one consult and two weeks unlimited access for just $25.