Need a bit of a KICK to get STARTED? Then our 4 week BUF'd up Intro Offer is for you!

Have you been thinking about starting a fitness program? But feel nervous about doing so? Does the enormity of options out there overwhelm you? Does the thought of doing a gruelling transformation challenge intimidate you?

Perhaps you’re thinking:

  • “What type of exercise is best?”
  • “How many times a week do I need to be working out?”
  • “How long do I need to workout for?”
  • “Should I do more weights than cardio, or more cardio than weights?”
  • “How hard should I be exercising if I want to lose weight?”
  • “Do I need to start calorie counting and meal prepping to see results?”

These are common (and valid) questions. But if the answers you believe to be true, make you feel nervous and intimidated, this is quite possibly what’s holding you back from starting.

So you put off starting because it seems so bloody tough.

Or, if you do start, it’ll often be when you consider the timing to be as close to perfect as possible because you know it’s going to be tough (ie. A time when you have minimal distractions and a manageable workload). 

But how difficult is this perfect timing to find right? I mean, theres ALWAYS something…. then something else… then something else. That’s life!

So if you’ve been wanting to make a start with your fitness but have felt too nervous to do so…. the Kickstarter is for you!!


  1. ONE-ON-ONE CONSULT: You start with a one-on-one consult with us! We’ll chat about your health and fitness hopes and dreams (and maybe even your fears), plus discuss ways to help tailor workouts to your individual needs (valued at $35)
  2. UNLIMITED GROUP TRAINING: You get 4 weeks unlimited access to our fun and functional timetable of fitness classes. Feel (F)earless giving a variety of our workouts a try! We want to help you create a sustainable exercise routine you’ll love and continue long after the program is finished! (valued at $150)
  3. SUPPORT & EDUCATION: You get weekly check in’s and empowering content! Feel (U)nstoppable with ongoing support and education designed to help you fall in love with health and fit it more seamlessly into your everyday life!! We’ll provide easy-to-digest weekly videos and/or articles related to exercise (ie. core basics), nutrition (ie. healthy recipes and meal prep tips)at home online workouts, self care tips + more. (valued at $99). 

Ready to kick start your health and fitness? Sign up in 3 easy steps today!


(A) An extra week of unlimited training added to your package (valued at $34), or (B) A 5 pack of childminding passes added to your package (valued at $40). **contact me to claim this freebie!!**

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