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Only 8 spots available.

Something I hear a lot from women is how intimidated or nervous they feel about starting (or getting back into) fitness. I totally get this! The high intensity or heavy lifting style of training we see a lot can definitely be intimidating for those who are:

The other thing about the high intensity and heavy lifting styleof  training is that it typically promotes results in the form of body transformations. And yes, shifting body weight can be an awesome benefit to regular hiit and strength training…. but….

What if women focused on exercising because of how it made them FEEL rather than how it could make them look?

Would we develop a more positive relationship with health and fitness? 

Would we look forward to exercising rather than viewing it as a chore?

And would us having this positive relationship with health and fitness, rub off on the people around us…. our nearest and dearest?…. our children? grandchildren? nieces, nephews, friends?

This is why we have developed a BEGINNER program… to help you fall in love with fitness from the very start (or re-start). 


  1. UNLIMITED GROUP TRAINING: One month unlimited access to our fun and functional timetable of fitness classes. Feel (F)earless giving a variety of workouts. We want to help you find an exercise routine you’ll love and hence continue long after the program is finished! (valued at $170)
  2. FOUR SMALL GROUP PT SESSIONS: Extra attention, motivation and support from a dedicated trainer and rock’n girl squad.** Feel (U)nstoppable with  a passionate and knowledgeable trainer by your side who will help teach you movements and tailor exercises to your individual needs. We want to help you feel more confident about attending any of our classes long after the program is finished! (valued at $120).
  3. ONGOING SUPPORT & EDUCATION: At home online workouts, nutrition and mindset education, healthy recipes, motivation and self care tips + more. We want to help you fall in love with health and fitness and fit it more seamlessly into your everyday life…  for years to come, not just for the time you’re on the program!! (valued at $99) 
**Small group PT sessions will be 40mins in duration and held on a Thursday morning at 5.45am, 6.30am, 7.15am., 8.15am or 9.00a


(A) An extra week of unlimited training added to your package (valued at $36), or (B) A 5 pack of childminding passes added to your package (valued at $40).

When you join the free pre-sale list, at no obligation, we’ll send you sample workouts, recipes & health tips to give you a taster of whats to come in the program; plus give you the chance to enrol one week before we open to the general public; plus offer you $50 off the general public price OF $249!

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